GEM Commercial Services

Commercial Drain Service

Gem offers a complete range of top quality septic services, including; pumping, cleaning, design and installation of new septic systems, trap removal, and septic system inspections and certifications.

Building managers can also count on Gem for all their Backflow Protection services. We install and replace Sewer Backwater Valves and perform inspections every six months, or as required by code.

Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

A clogged or slow drain is a common occurrence, and buidup in your drains can turn into a serious issue over time. Regular drain maintenance is imperative to keeping your drainage system functioning properly.

High-Pressure Hydro Jetting

For serious clogs in your sewer or drainage systems, we use High-Pressure Hydro Jetting to clear the line. Hydro Jetting blasts water at 4000 PSI through the pipe and easily removes roots, large obstructions, and years of sediment buildup in your drains.

Sewer Lines Installation & Repair

Gem offers a complete range of top quality septic services, including pumping, cleaning, odor problems, inspections and more.

HD Televised Drain Lines

When dealing with problems deep in your drainage system, we snake a small HD camera into your pipes to clearly identify leaks, cracks, blockages and other damage.

Utility Line Excavation & Installation

If you need to add any utility service or drainage line, Gem will work with your local utility company to make sure your new service is connected properly and inspected.

Commercial Maintenance Plans

Set up a custom maintenance plan with Gem Commercial.