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water quality

The quality of your water affects drinking, bathing, cooking, brushing teeth & washing clothes. Gem Plumbing offers complete Water Testing, Filtration, and Softening for safe and healthy water. News reports of lead and other contaminants make Water Quality more important than ever!

Filtration & Drinking Water Purification systems benefits:
• Filtration captures contaminants,
particulates and sediment, bacteria, salt
• Reduces bad tastes, odors and chlorine taste

Water Purification systems:
• Provide clean & delicious water
• Destroy potentially harmful bacteria &

System types and options:
• High Activated Carbon
• Chemical Feed Pump
• Ultraviolet Water Purifier
• Water Softeners

Benefits of Water Softeners Include:
• Use half the amount of
cleaning products.
• Saves on laundry products,
dish detergents & shampoos.
• Removes hardness,
minerals and iron.
• Hair - skin - clothes feel softer.
• Silverware - glasses are cleaner.
• Preserves the life of
water-using appliances.
• Family members experience
improvements of treated water.

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