GEM Residential Services

Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

A clogged or slow drain is a common occurrence, and build-up in your drains can turn into a serious issue over time. Drain Cleaning and Maintenance is a specialty at Gem; we can investigate and determine exactly what is causing the issue. We can also set up regular maintenance schedules that will help prevent a plumbing emergency.

Cable Machines Snaking

For clogs and stoppages in your tub, sink, or main drain lines, Gem uses our State of the Art Cable Snake Machine to clear the problem. We'll then check the line with our Drain Vision system, where a tiny camera is inserted to verify the drain has been cleared of all debris.

Toilet Augering

For a typical toilet clog, we'll start by checking the seal and toilet mechanics first. If the issue is in the drain line, our Cable Snake Machine can get it out.

Drain Stoppages

Clogged drains are common, especially in tubs and shower stalls where soap and hair can buildup and slow the drain. Our Gem Cares Tips Videos offer great tips for homeowners on common problems like clogged drains and best practices. For more serious stoppages, call Gem to clear your drain line with a Cable Snake Machine.

High-Pressure Hydro Jetting

For serious clogs in your sewer or drainage systems, we use High-Pressure Hydro Jetting to clear the line. These water lines can be long runs of 100 ft or more, underground, and inaccessible for snaking. Hydro Jetting blasts water at 4000 PSI through the pipe and easily removes large obstructions and years of sediment buildup in your drains.

Underground water lines are also vulnerable to tree and plant roots damaging the pipe. Hydro Jetting clears any roots infiltrating your pipes to avoid costly damage. Afterwards we check the line with a camera to insure all debris has been cleared.

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